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Donavan needs a kidney!

Hi, thank you for taking the time to look over my website. My name is Donavan Nelson and I live in Colorado.  I need your help finding a new kidney to replace my failed kidneys.

Below is a photo of my wife (Shannon) and I on one of our adventures taking photos of rocks at Colorado National Monument. I'm an avid amateur photographer (typically of things that don't move or move slow). I have shared a few of my photos around this website.  Below is one of Shannon's vacation selfies.

I am seeking a kidney from a living donor.


I need a new kidney, mine have failed, you can help by being a living donor.  Please consider helping me today.
You can also help get me to the front page of reddit.com by posting about my story.  I see the stories every now and then about a generous human being donating a kidney to a stranger.

donavan, shannon, and some rocks
Longer TLDR;

Please Help, IF YOU CAN!!!

You can learn more about PKD at What is pkd? and Paired kidney exchange with an explanation and an example scenario.

PS: If you aren’t interested in being a living donor, please consider signing up to be an organ donor upon your passing.

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